Skyaak Buzz

The Brutalizer would be happy to be your first SKYAAK Extreme Professional. My Doubles Partner the Velvet Hammer is highly intrigued by your invention and thinks it may revolutionize the Frisbee World. Send me an invite and if you would like a sample and we will become your new spokesmen for this monumental project.
-Stay Straight(XXX)
-Stay Extreme
-Stay Brutal”
~Jim “the Brutalizer” Freidman

“The SKYAAK is ingenious! The wing design is brilliant! I’m gonna get one!”
~Dan, a guy I know

SKYAAK is the Frisbee of the future.”
~Brendan O’Keefe, Educator

“SKYAAK is an inexpensive model that’s fun to build and fly, but challenging to master!”
~Zenon Dragan,
President, DraganFly Innovations Inc.

“SKYAAK is incredibly cool! It has more cachet than your regular old Frisbee.”
~Bill Gurstelle, Writer

Your invention / product looks great! Very creative and innovative
idea. I wish you all the best!
~Sal Alvarez, Inventor


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