Skyaak re-birth-ing

December 29, 2008 at 8:52 pm Leave a comment

As mentioned earlier, we are now in the home stretch in the process to overhaul



People still tell me that it’s a good-looking site,


but everyone around here believes it’s time for an extreme makeover.

For one thing, mind-mapping


and eye-maps tell us that the logo-man ought to be chucking the Skyaak up to the upper left-hand side of the page to draw eyes in a natural swooping trajectory.





At present, the ‘logo-man’ is throwing Skyaak Model 3 in a closed loop off to the right hand side of the page, like a visual staircase to nowhere. Not so good. We’ll probably abandon the idea of an animated gif altogether on the new site. More than likely we will have a brief, friendly introductory video to give it a personal feel. I imagine you will get the impression that I am pretty excited about the Skyaak design and how well it flies.

There will also be a big emphasis, as always, on how good this unit looks.  As an artist, I am always looking for a new perspective on this project.  A major perk for me is quite simply the look of the thing as it flies through the air.


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