A Scary and Exciting day at Skyaak Ent.

November 14, 2008 at 2:07 pm 1 comment

Scary and Exciting!?!

Scary and Exciting!?!

Yesterday (November 13th, 2008) will go down in the books as a banner day here at Skyaak Enterprises. The day started off really great as we were picked up by CoolestGadgets.com. That was quite a rush!

About 150 visitors later, we saw orders for the Skyaak DIY deuce start to appear.

That sounds great, right? Not so fast! Our online vendor, Payloadz, which had worked magnificently up to this point, happened to fizzle out on us to crash and burn. So all of our customers were unable to download the pdf file they had purchased. Not so good, eh?

Well, the upside of this is that everyone who purchased the DIY deuce was presented with our contact info and they all checked in to let us know what was happening. Or NOT happening I should say!

Thankfully, I check my inbox a million times a day so I was on top of the situation. I fired the DIY deuce off to everybody with apologies and best wishes for happy Skyaak-ing! So that was good.

This went on right into the evening. Orders kept coming in and I fielded each and every one of them with a manual response. Phew!

Sooo…I’ve contacted Payloadz and now have a docket in the works. Here’s hoping that we can get to the bottom of this glitch today. I guess their servers were a little backed up. In the meantime, I’ve fulfilled all of the orders and have in the process created good will with all our new customers.

All in all it was a rewarding experience. I got to demonstrate that I am serious about “delivering the goods”, literally!


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Skyaak hits CoolestGadgets.com! About the Skyaak DIY deuce ‘finger flicker’ advantage

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  • 1. mrgaudet  |  November 15, 2008 at 1:47 am

    As far as I know, and I have tested this theory quite extensively, the PDF download that gives you access to the DIY deuce template is now working properly through Payloadz. As we suspected, it was a minor glitch. Here’s the rub: when I uploaded the file I inadvertently used a “_” in the name, which is of course an underscore, deemed unacceptable by the Payloadz system. Uh-oh! So it was simply a matter of re-installing the file(s) without the offending typo and ‘voila’! it works now.
    At least, as I say, that’s the theory.
    So now everyone can download the PDF to their heart’s content.

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