Skyaak DIY deuce Work-Out!

November 12, 2008 at 2:31 am Leave a comment

It’s pretty hard to imagine what a glider might look like gliding without seeing it airborne.  So I invited a couple of young Skyaak enthusiasts ( Charlie Clarke and his brother Mike) over this afternoon to work it out with their DIY deuce units and took the opportunity to put together a few short video clips. The video shown here is typical of the many throws and catches between us.

Charley also decided to build his own deuce today.  It took him about 15 minutes from the word go and he was ready to launch his freshly-minted unit on its maiden voyage!

Charley starts cutting out a DIY deuce

Getting the ring-wings cut out

The finer cutting of the struts

Charlie makes the ring-wing

Ring-wing w 3-sided opening at the center

Meanwhile Mikey had cut out and started to fold the 3-sided shaft

Mikey finished making the shaft

By now Charlie had made both ring-wings

Stiv=cking the shaft into the back of the front ring-wing

Putting the rear wing in position

Making the 'finger-flicker'

Inserting the 'finger-flicker'

'Finger-flicker' in position on shaft

Ready to fly!

If you want to experience the sensation of Skyaak ring-wing flight before your very eyes, you can right now.

Grab the Skyaak DIY ‘deuce’ model that you can print on regular 8.5″ x 11″ paper, dope with clear tape, customize, cut-out, build and fly for the one-time cost of $2.00. Just remember to make a copy of your download before you cut it out so you can go on to build a whole fleet if you want!


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Official Skyaak Air-Speed of 41 kph Skyaak hits!

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