Official Skyaak Air-Speed of 41 kph

November 10, 2008 at 7:32 pm Leave a comment

Rockin' Skyaak Air-Speed Competition

L-R: Constable Brent Vanthyne, Michael (me), Gene, Blake, Dylan,Wayne.

Me and a bunch of friends (fellow Skyaak enthusiasts) got together last summer to compete for high-est airspeed with the hand-launced Model 3. We enlisted the help of our friendly neighborhood RCMP officer, Constable Brent Vanthyne who met up with us at our local sports-ground with his squad car and portable radar gun. We had to throw our Skyak directly at the police cruiser, which I admit was a bit weird and un-nerving! Good news is that we had a catcher in place about three feet in front of the car so nobody crashed right into it.

Wayne tossed a 41kph hurtle, Gene managed a 42 kph throw and Dylan delivered a smokin’ 42 kph as well. Hah! I managed to squeak past them with a 43 kph zoomer. If you think you can do better, BRING IT ON!

At the moment we are cobbling together a plan to host another Skyaak Meet, to be held next summer. Stay posted for more details.  There will be Skyaak merchandise prizes for four events: 1) Air-Speed, 2) Accuracy, 3) Distance and 4) Finesse.

Good snag, Gene!

Good snag, Gene!

41 kms per hr.

Wayne's official air-speed of 41 kms per hr. Beat that!


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