Open letter to Skyaak Dream Team

November 9, 2008 at 11:53 pm Leave a comment

I have no shortage of enthusiasm re: skyaak. I know for sure it’s not 1st and foremost about the money, it’s about the passion and the bliss. I know 100% that the skyaak design works.  We’ve proven that time after time. The challenge now, as we all understand only too well, is simply to maximize the design and the materials so we get the best performance possible out of the configuration.

We’ve all seen how the skyaak design seems to correct itself in mid-flight and how it appears to ride on its own self-generated vortex. So we know without a shadow of doubt that we are on to something here that has not yet been fully explored or exploited. A tweak here, a tweak there and we will see more quantum leaps forward in aerodynamic performance.

The reason I can say this is that we’ve already seen it happen, for instance with the addition of the weighted hand-grip for the Model 3. The before and after was a real show. With the addition of the secondary ballast (we’ll call it) the thing snapped to attention, created a much crisper and more muscular trajectory. The same thing happened on a larger scale with the invention of both the spinning throw and more important, the ‘finger flicker’ or atlatl throw.  That was huge. What we have here is a craft that likes speed. The more the better. It is happy to fly in a nice regular arc no matter how fast the scale speed. Its stability is its big strength.

So I feel pretty comfortable predicting that we will see more of these breakthroughs as we carry on w R&D until the hand-thrown model peaks. And then of course it will be time to introduce some power assist so we get to see SUSTAINED flight. With some extra thrust the arc will get longer, and it will obviously stay airborne as long as it has the thrust. That will be a great day!

I guess you all realize that the whole point of current R&D is to create a proof positive that the configuration works, and then future improvements will depend entirely upon our ingenuity!  That’s why it’s so much fun, knowing that we will see the project leapfrog ahead as we continue to think laterally about advancing it.

In the meantime, from what I gather, you all feel this thing has ‘legs’ and is poised to hit the ground running, once it gets the right quality of exposure and is, of course, shepherded along by intelligent marketing/publicity strategies.

There.  That was fun, being a tad philosophical. It’s a natural inclination I guess. I’ve been comfortably co-habitating with skyaak in my cranium for quite some time now, so it’s bound to occasionally spill over as extrapolation, if that makes any sense!

You can grab a Skyaak Model 3, the Canadian ring-wing glider at for just $29.99.


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