Thoughts on Prototype and Product Development

November 3, 2008 at 1:57 am Leave a comment

Everyone in this business has seen ads for rapid prototype development, you know…those companies that purport to help inventors waltz through the mine-field that leads (with any luck and probably a bucket-full of cash) in an often meandering path to IP protection, prototype development, licensing, production and placement. All of these things must happen more or less simultaneously so that by the time the glossy ads are in high rotation, the store shelves are stocked with your product, prominently displayed. And then you, the sucessful inventor-with-many-hats need only watch as your bank account explodes with all of the cash that rolls in.

Or not. Chances are you are not a big company or even an individual with deep pockets that can throw limitless amounts of capital at a pet project. And chances are also pretty good that you have a healthy distrust of the majority of companies that offer ‘help for the inventor’.  Man, the ads make it sound so fast and easy.  But the reality is, if you actually have a product that is useful, fun, or just plain cool then more likely than not it will fall on you and your wide shoulders to keep on plugging away on your own. If you are incredibly resourceful and persistant you might just get lucky enough to meet a select one or two staunch allies who share your specific enthusiasm for your brainchild. Then, if you are smart enough to treat these rare people like the solid gold that they are to you, you just might have the organizational skills and sustained focus to keep slowly chipping away at the idea.

Just don’t take the help for granted. Make it a paying proposition. Forge meaningful partnerships. Lay down an action plan with a certain time-frame attached. Be professional. And then come on strong when you have all your ducks in a row to get out there to dominate your niche!

At least that’s what’s working for me. For us.

Having partners who share your enthusiasm and who actually have very specific expertise to contribute can and WILL make all the difference in the world for your fledgling idea. After all, if you can’t even seek out and locate qualified partners, chances are pretty good that you and your bright idea may not be as earth-shaking as you imagine. Don’t take your own word for it. If you raise the flag and nobody salutes then maybe you better think about getting a different flag! And don’t quit your day-job.


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