Skyaak Getting Out There

November 1, 2008 at 5:01 pm Leave a comment

Skyaak gets a Glow-On!

Skyaak gets a Glow-On!

There is a Skyaak Model 3 with Ultra-Glow LED kit flying around right now in Montreal and also in Oakland, CA. Genevieve Paradis, features producer at Z Tele of Astral Media has received her Skyaak package in ship-shape condition and tells me that she is taking it to a professional foot-ball player for a test drive.

Ms. Paradis says that she will be filming the Skyaak Ultra-Glow being whipped around between partners both in daylight and then apres dark. We will get to see the contrast and seeing as how Z Tele is famous for broadcasting an array of sci-fi and technology shows it is bound to be interesting to see what they come up with re: Skyaak! I’m getting pretty stoked imagining what they will create, although it is impossible to anticipate. All I know for sure is that Paradis informed me that last time we spoke that I will “be more than impressed” with what they come up with. It will be really cool to see how they tackle filming it getting put through the paces…can’t wait!

A good friend in Oakland also has the Ultra-Glow unit in his hands and is putting together a video as well. He plans on shooting day/night flights in a setting like the Golden Gate Park. It will be really fun to see Skyaak being hurtled around set against different locales. So stay posted, you get to watch these new videos just as soon as they stream down the pipeline!


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