Skyaak DIY deuce tips

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DIY deuce frieze rotates model CCW.

DIY deuce frieze rotates model CCW.

I think that is the coolest thing about the DIY deuce is that no matter how fast it flies, it seems to behave itself. This is due to the stabilizing effect of the ring-wings that is enhanced by the corkscrew motion.

Convert your PC to a Skyaak vending machine! Try out the Skyaak DIY deuce for just a couple of dollars. A fun project that shows off the cool aerodynamic properties of the Skyaak ring-wing! Try it out for only two dollars and a bit of your own time at home.

BTW, we’re in the process of organizing a CONTEST that will reward you in a couple of categories. First, we’re on the prowl for good video of the DIY deuce in action! That is a no-brainer. Creativity and clarity will figure hugely into our decision re: winners. Second, we want to see what you come up with in terms of your customizing ideas. There are lots of different ways you can add personality to your DIY deuce…coloring with various mediums, stickers, decals, you get the idea. (Just remember to keep it basically weightless because you will still want your model to fly.)

So watch this space for more details on this in the coming days. YOU could very easily qualify to win a professional Skyaak Model 3, valued at $29.99, shipped *FREE* right to your door anywhere on the planet. But you have to start off by working it out with the DIY deuce.

Make sure you photo-copy the original before you dope it with clear tape, customize, cut-out, build and launch it on its maiden voyage. Keep a ‘master’ on file so you can make more copies to build a whole fleet if you want! The object of the DIY deuce is to get the design into your hands for one low cost of $2.00 so you can experiment with the design endlessly after that. CREATIVITY and FUN are the fuels that will propel your Skyaak experience.

Looking forward to working out the details of the DIY deuce Design and Documentation Contest…and to hearing from you!

So, just to sum up, Skyaak DIY deuce stats are as follows:

1) Size: shaft about 11″ length, ring-wings flare from 2″ to 3″, 3″ deep.

2) Delivery time: instant.

3) Shipping cost: free.

4) Price: $2.00.

5) Value: Only you can decide!

Video stills of Skyaak DIY deuce being launched.

Video stills of Skyaak DIY deuce being launched.


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