Building more Skyaak Ultra-Glows

October 9, 2008 at 2:43 pm Leave a comment

This scintillating video shows Dylan hot-wiring the Skyaak Ultra-Glow guts. He has placed a ‘pod’ against the disco light so you can see how the pod sucks up the LED light. This discovery lead us to invent the idea of inserting a tiny replica Skyaak inside the shaft so as it travels back and forth, from the rear to the front in response to the G-force at play, it carries the LED light with it on its traverse! To see what the heck I’m talking about, check out the clip excerpt below.

Dylan, Shawn, Cassie and I are getting together next week in Saskatoon to hang out at LED HQ after work for a couple of hours. I’m flying off to Nova Scotia the next morning and thought it would be fun to hook up with some of my city pals before I take off.  We are going to build some more Skyaak Ultra-Glow units. As you recall, the Ultra-Glow is a Model 3 outfitted with an LED array for night-time play.

Fully-rigged Skyaak Ultr-Glow head-on detail.

Fully-rigged Skyaak Ultra-Glow head-on detail.

The photo above shows what you will see at the last split second as a totally rigged up Skyaak Ultra-Glow comes zooming in on you. At this moment, you might want to step aside and grab it out of the air by the shaft. I always make a point of explaining to Skyaak newbies that they have to gauge the strength and velocity of their throw according to the distance between players. It is not good to over-throw it, because the receiver needs to have some reaction time in order to catch it.  After all, it is possible to vary the speed of the throw and it’s good sportsmanship to consider these things. Especially for night-time play. I mean, any jerk can over-do it and wreck a good time by being too rammy. Think finesse. Think completion. Yeah right. Here comes the latent coach in me again. What can I say, my Mom is a retired school teacher. She must have influenced me in some deeply subliminal way!

In the meantime, you can get a little taste of Skyaak fun when you order the DIY deuce. The concept here is to get the design into people’s hands for just a couple of bucks so you can get a bit of a feel for the Skyaak technique. Itchin’ to see what all the buzz is about? You can try it out right now if you want.

One nano-second after finger-flick

One nano-second after finger-flick of DIY deuce


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