Skyaak DIY deuce: fun for dads and kiddos

October 5, 2008 at 3:59 pm Leave a comment

My friend Tom popped over on the weekend to check out the Skyaak DIY deuce. Tom has been a Skyaak fan ever since we tossed a Model 3 around last summer and he was curious about the little DIY version.

Tom happily engaged in cutting out his Skyaak DIY deuce

After about 15 minutes, we had both built a DIY deuce…Tom decided to keep his plain Jane while I opted to decorate mine with Canada flag tape.  We were having so much fun that I neglected to take step-by-step photos. But I wanted to mention a couple of comments Tom made after we finished building our little gliders and had tossed them around the living-room for a while.

Tom was very pleased with how well the little gliders worked.  He got some really nice arc-shaped trajectories out of his unit, fully employing the ‘finger-flicker’ feature to his advantage.

He said that this would be a great activity for Dads and kids to do together.  He thought it was cool that the strange design really works as a glider and that it is so easy to control the flight path.  Tom suggested that we could create a game with a target…concentric circles like a dart board only bigger, with a cut-out hole in the center. A clean throw through the hole would be a bull’s eye! Once you have mastered accuracy from a certain distance, say 10 feet away, you would move further back for more of a challenge.

Tom built the ring-wings no prob.

Tom built the ring-wings no prob.

I did manage to take a couple of shots…I am going to get a whole series next time somebody pops in to play.

Looking up the skirt of the Skyaak DIY 'deuce' ring-wing glider

Looking up the skirt of the Skyaak DIY

You can grab a Skyaak DIY ‘deuce’ right now to experience the rush of ring-wing flight in just a few easy steps!


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Skyaak w LED array flying off to Z Tele! Flip-Book look at Skyaak DIY deuce taking off

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