Skyaak Model 3 an Athletic Device

September 30, 2008 at 1:56 am Leave a comment

I’ve been working out with a guy named Evan Reiffersheid here who has proven to be an exceptionally great Skyaak enthusiast. I have been quizzing him quite extensively and here is what I am finding out. More accurately, he is simply confirming what I already know after all my experience with Skyaak.

Evan says, first of all, that he was easily able to figure out ALL BY HIMSELF five or six different throwing techniques for the Skyaak. This is thanks to the fact that he has a background in sports and is keenly interested in the skill set that enables him to excel with his Skyaak.
He went on to say that he loves Skyaak ( he rates it above Frisbee for excitement ) for many reasons. He claims that the Skyaak is valuable, stimulating and exciting to him because it functions as a TRAINER in these areas:
1) ambidextrous work-out
2) reflex builder
3) agility trainer
4) hand-to-eye coordination
5) muscle memory builder
This is an impressive list, and all of these areas get a solid, useful work-out whether you’re conscious of it or not. Evan also says that since he has independently developed five distinctly different throwing techniques, he finds the Skyaak to have long-lasting appeal. In fact, he says Skyaak has become one of his favorite leisure-time activities!
On a scale of 1-10, Evan rates Skyaak at a 8.5 or higher for overall excitement, interest, and training benefit.
Skyaak caught in mid-flight approx. air-speed 45 kph

Skyaak caught in mid-flight approx. air-speed 45 kph

You can grab a Skyaak DIY ‘deuce’ right now for just two bucks to experience the rush of ring-wing flight in a few easy steps!


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