Skyaak, Canadian Ring-Wing Glider Demo Video

September 27, 2008 at 1:27 am Leave a comment

After I posted the video that shows the “Ultra-Glow” model in Dylan’s hands, I realized that you might actually like to see the Skyaak in action, being thrown and caught between real people in real live action.  It’s pretty difficult to imagine a glider gliding without seeing it…airborne.

This video was produced about three years ago now. Although in the grand scheme of things that is obviously not that long of a time-span, somehow it seems like forever ago.  High on my wish-list at this moment is a totally fresh new look for the Skyaak demo video. Don’t get me wrong, this video shows some pretty good footage of what the Skyaak is capable of.  It’s just that I’ve been spoiled since it was made by watching some of my more athletically-inclined friends SMOKE their Skyaak Model 3…exceeding 45 kph airspeed and executing some real power-house throws that nearly knocked me off my feet at the receiving end!  I am not kidding about this. Brother, catching this unit barreling in on you is like airborne bull-fighting!  You better have quick enough reflexes to step aside and grab it out of the air. Not that you will get hurt…no-one has yet…but it looks (and feels) SO much better if you have the hutzpah to pull it off!

There are a couple of clips in this video here that give you a lasting impression of the potentially explosive energy that can be channeled through a good clean, well-executed throw. Remember, it’s not really about brute force, it’s about finesse. The occasional person that can combine both effectively is where things get scary…I mean exciting.  Just you wait, I will be tabling some footage of high-performance Skyaak rumbles when I have the opportunity as it gets out to the right people. It will knock yer socks off when you see what kind of speed, accuracy and inertia can be coaxed out of the Model 3 in the right hands.

Speaking of which, maybe that person is YOU, or somebody you know…


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