Skyaak Model 3 and DIY deuce pkg arrives at Z Tele

September 26, 2008 at 2:39 am Leave a comment

Earlier this week the Feature Producer from Z Tele, with Point Virgule Communications in PQ checked in to let us know that the Skyaak pkg we’d sent had arrived safe and sound in her hands. She says she built it “easily” and that “it was fun!”.  So far so good. The producer then went on to say that she had seen the “Ultra-Glow” Skyaak somewhere online and is now smitten with the idea of showing it on the program.

FYI, the ‘Ultra-Glow”, for our more recent readers, is an amazing innovation that a fellow inventor and good friend came up with last year. It is the first full-blown accessory kit yet to be created for the basic Skyaak Model 3 chasis.  The producer at Z Tele must have a very good nose for innovation. Not only did she zoom in on Skyaak when she was checking into the array of over 630 cool products showcased at our Long Island NY agent, she has now dug deeper and discovered the Ultra-Glow.  Wow, good eye!

I was thinking it would be very cool for Z Tele to touch on some of the design milestones and evolution of Skyaak from its earliest, read crude prototypes right up to the slick little DIY ‘deuce’. the Model 3 and beyond. It might be really neat to watch how the modest, extremely simple paper loops and drinking straw version has morphed over the years to its current relatively sophisticated incarnation.

Front of The Skyaak Model 3. Kinda slick, eh?

Front of The Skyaak Model 3. Kinda slick, eh?

We will touch bases again with the producer in the next day or so to give her the exciting news that YES we will be mocking up a couple of fully electronic lit-up like crazy Ultra-Glow units and that she will have them within about 10 days!

I just had a tag-team of calls with my Ultra-Glow guy and we have decided to fast track this thing. We’re getting together in two days at his place in Saskatoon to scramble together not 2 but 3 units. We’re going to install a light kit that fires an intense black-light LED from just behind the nose back into the shaft and another from the rear that will beam another black-light LED blast forward.

There will be a full-spectrum random strobe LED mounted at the center of the nose cap and glow-in-the-dark rings to be mounted on the front of each Skyaak ring-wing. As if that wasn’t enough dazzle, the icing on the cake will be the translucent balls inside the shaft that suck up the black light like a full moon and hurtle up and down the shaft, depending of course on the CG of the moment.

Do NOT get me started here, friends.

Looking back at what I have just written I am struck by the unsettling notion that it reads like techno-goobledegook unless you happen to have a clue what I’m talking about! Please no, not another GEEKY blog!

Really, if you have a few minutes to check out the video above called “Skyaak Ultra-Glow R & D Advance” you will totally know what I’m going on about.

Early hand-built Skyaak Ultra-Glow prototype.  It gets better!

And stay tuned…Z Tele seems bound and determined to tear the lid off this thing. You can rest assured that I will be asking them to post the segment on YouTube and that you will see it right here as soon as it comes out! It will be a blast to see what they come up with.

The future at Skyaak R&D is brilliant!


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