What’s up with “mentors”?

September 12, 2008 at 2:50 am Leave a comment

Who is the Mentor here?

Who is the Mentor here?

I don’t know about you, but I have heard the word ‘mentor’ bantered around lots. What is a mentor, really? I think it is a person, living or dead, that you find for some reason or another to be a source of powerful, life-changing inspiration. This might be due to the person’s story: he or she has overcome some big scarey life situation to triumph against almost impossible odds, or maybe you have hooked up with a person who happens to take a shine to you and wants to reach out to offer great tips at just the right moment…whatever the case may be, you be sure you choose your mentor carefully.

Don’t settle for just anyone when the opportunity exists at all times for you to be the one who reaches out to pro-actively select the perfect mentor for your own personal situation, no matter what it is! Take a time out and think about who you would associate with, what skill set you might be lacking; figure out exactly who the person is that has the ability to kick-start your fledgling enterprise and then go out and find that person!

Chances are, if you are realistic and sincere in your quest you will surprise yourself with how everything falls into place once you commit 100% to your decision. There are literally millions of experts in a wide spectrum of special fields that would be willing to help you out. It’s a basic law of success that successful people understand: help as many people as possible become a success to globally and exponentially ramp up success, period. You will more than likely discover that people that spurn your advances are shallow-minded and are probably not cut out to be a mentor anyway. If you find that Mr. X cannot make the time to return a call or answer an e-mail chances are you are wasting your time with the individual. So no big deal. Do not take it personally. Simply re-focus and get out there with renewed enthusiasm because you are one conversation closer to hitting pay-dirt!


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