Time to test out the DIY ‘deuce’.

June 9, 2008 at 2:23 pm Leave a comment

My good buddies Dylan and Jesse Cook popped in yesterday for a quick visit. Jesse has a friend in the city that wants a Skyaak Model 3 so he came out to grab a unit from the source.

Shows from 2-D to 3-D

The above shows the package that Jesse picked up. The flat design makes the Model 3 easy to carry around and also makes it possible to ship anywhere in the world.

While Dylan and Jesse were here they said sure, they would be happy to test out the DIY ‘deuce’, no problem. Dylan also mentioned that he would pass it around to some of his buddies in the city so we can get some un-biased feedback about the functionality and logistics of the model. That is exactly what Fred had mentioned we ought to be doing as a next step. I mean it’s great that Dylan and Jesse want to test it out, but they are both pretty familiar with the Skyaak design so it wouldn’t really be a true representation of Joe consumer who is seeing it for the 1st time.

That’s why it is so important that Dylan has offered to circulate the DIY ‘deuce’ around to people that have never laid eyes on the thing before.

I imagine there are still some Skyaak virgins out there that Dylan knows, although there’s a pretty good chance that he’s shown it in some form or another to most of his friends by now.

At the moment, I am trolling far and wide both online and in the confines of my own skull for cool design ideas for the brand spanking new website we are in the process of creating for Skyaak. Our 19-yr old daughter Ilara is here for the summer, working at Camp Easter Seal. We had a pretty intense design brainstorming session a few days ago and I think some of the ideas that we came up with have sticky power. EG: I’m fairly certain that some of the creme de la creme concepts will make it to the new site.

For instance, Ilara came up with this really cool idea for transitioning from the home-page to the links. We’re thinking of designing buttons for each link that will be a front shot of the Skyaak. When you click on the link (which will include the button) your mouse will act like a trigger to launch the Skyaak out of the monitor and it’ll zoom towards you so that the very center of the Skyaak will quickly fill the page and you will find yourself on a new, white page. That is the extreme close-up of the very center of the nose cap, that happens to have a distinct highlight…



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