Bill Gurstelle on Skyaak

May 29, 2008 at 2:05 pm Leave a comment

I sent a Skyaak Model 3 (the Expert version) to William Gurstelle, best-selling Minneapolis-based author of “Adventures from the Technology Underground” and “Whoosh, Boom, Splat” a while ago. Not only did Bill take the time to build and fly his Skyaak, he also wrote this review of his experience with his new toy! Bill is the guy who first coined the expression “Skyaak- Canada’s Answer to the Frisbee”. Way cool. He says Skyaak is “incredibly cool” and also claims that Skyaak has “more cachet than your regular old frisbee”. Hmm. Nice.

Skyaak-Canada’s answer to the Frisbee

Because I am a writer, I get to appear on national TV and radio every once in a while. Last month I did an interview with Radio Canada about Adventures from the Technology Underground. Fairly often, people contact me with questions and comments afterwards.

A Canadian inventor named Michael Robert Gaudet came up with something called the Skyaak, which is something you toss around to your buddies for fun. He sent me a couple after hearing me on the radio and I have to say, they are incredibly cool. It’s sort of like a pole shaped frisbee. There are two conical surfaces on either side of a plastic pole. The conical surfaces act as wings and provide interesting aerodynamic properties to the thing as a whole.

I took one to the gym last night and threw it around between basketball games. It was a hit! I’ve not met Mr. Gaudet and have no financial interest in his product, but I do think it’s very neat. I think it has more cachet than your regular old frisbee. Google skyaak if you’re interested.


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Skyaak DIY “deuce” banner mock-up Time to test out the DIY ‘deuce’.

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