DIY ‘deuce’ party!

May 22, 2008 at 3:06 am Leave a comment

Had a nice long chat with Fred last night. It was very inspiring. And informative.

Everything is different now that Fred (and a few other notable people as well…) is making such a big contribution in so many ways to the R&D of the DIY ‘deuce’ project.

We are now fine-tuning it so that we can send out a little batch of testers to some of our friends, colleagues, and friends’ and colleagues’ kids.

Fred suggests that I get a bunch of my friends together here at the Beach in the next little while to have a DIY ‘deuce’ download, cut-out, color, assemble and fly party!

I’ve already asked some of my buds and they are stoked!

But wait, there’s more…our daughter ilara has a video technology course under her belt thanks to her studies at Victoria School of Visual and Performing Arts in Edmonton.

I asked her if he would be interested in making a demo video of the DIY ‘deuce’  assembly and she is in all the way.

So we can look forward to that gem coming down the chute.

In the meantime, I was messing around with some design ideas…just warming up a bit to the party…

DIY \'deuce\' montage \'08


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