7000 Words about Skyaak DIY deuce

May 18, 2008 at 3:54 pm Leave a comment

Someone once said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s 7000 words about the DIY ‘deuce’

Remember that I am 1st and foremost an artist…a visual artist…so I am showing you these images because I think they are pretty neat just as images. The Skyaak DIY ‘deuce’ design is actually quite intricate and complex, considering it starts off as two sheets of flat paper.

Don’t you think it has a cool sculptural look? Not to mention that this little unit glides through the air like a dream…call it ‘kinetic art’.

I built a new DIY ‘deuce’ last night, shown above.

I used ‘Canada flag’ celophane tape to cover the wings and shaft with to give it extra strength. Also looks kinda cool. The good ol’ patriotic look!

It glides really well, but I have found now (no big surprise really) that when I put a bit more ballast weight (along w the 3 large paper-clips) in the nose it glides quite a bit further and also tracks a much neater trajectory. I actually just stuck a stick of gum in its paper wrapper right into the front of the 3-sided shaft. Probably weighs about .05 of a gram or so.

Basically, I’d suggest as heavy a ballast as possible in the nose to maximize the performance…keep adding extra weight until just before it starts to nose-dive and you will get a much better glide.The Skyaak design really likes carrying some extra weight in its nose. A harbinger of a future power-pack?

So, just to sum up, Skyaak DIY deuce stats are as follows:

1) Size: shaft about 11″ length, ring-wings flare from 2″ to 3″, 3″ deep.

2) Delivery time: instant.

3) Shipping cost: free.

4) Price: $2.00.

5) Value: Only you can decide!

Video stills of Skyaak DIY deuce being launched.

Video stills of Skyaak DIY deuce being launched.


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Skyaak Inventor shows package, contents, etc. DIY ‘deuce’ party!

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